Boodschap van Grootmoeder Yantuu

Boodschap van Grootmoeder Yantuu 4

Message from Grandmother Yantuu 11-2-2024

“Your bodies are full of stress and tension. You’re always running. Doing too much. If you’re taking your rest, by sitting on a chair. You’re still busy in your head. Or busy with your telephone. Sending messages or social media. That’s not good for your bodies. You know that. But still you’re doing it. You’re not listening to your body. Why not? It’s important to listen to her. You go on till you have a burned out.

You’ve forgotten what Winter is. When I was in a body, we were quiet in wintertime. We slept more. Stayed around the fire with our families. Talked a bit and laughed. We ate a lot. Our bodies needed that. To rest and gain strength.

So please. Have more respect for yourself. For your bodies. Listen to your bodies. Listen to what they need.

Now is a time for dreaming. But seeds need good ground. Otherwise they can’t grow. Take care of your dreams and seeds. If a seed is not growing, take care of your ground. Your body. And plant a new seed again.

Next full moon I won’t be coming. Like I didn’t come the last few moons. To give the example of rest. Stay home. Have a good sleep.

We’ll meet in March again.”